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SkiiTour – Artist Spotlight


Image Credit: DJ Mag Canada

Hit The Slopes

Picture this: You’ve got your skis or snowboard strapped to your feet, sitting on the chairlift with anticipation about what’s about to come. You reach the top and start going down the hill. A wave of euphoria hits you just as the wind hits your face. You’re having the time of your life, carving the powder and weaving in between the trees and other people. You’re floating on a cloud and nothing can keep you down. That  feeling right there is a lot like how it feels at a SkiiTour show. Everyone is there for the exact same reason: To have one hell of a good time.

If you’ve never been to a SkiiTour show, you might not know what to expect. Their shows aren’t like everyone else’s that’s for sure! A lot of people dress in their best, most vibrant retro ski attire. There’s almost always a snow machine blowing some of that white fluffy stuff around. And the atmosphere they create is one of unrivaled fun and excitement. You will hear music from many different genres including, but definitely not limited to: House, Breaks, Trap and Drum And Bass. You will also see two guys behind the decks having just as much fun as you are.


Who The Heck Is SkiiTour?

SkiiTour is comprised of two badass mamajamas. Tim Livingstone, a humble ginger Canadian and Dave “Rollie” Rolandson, a New Zealander with an afro that would make Diana Ross proud. Both hail from the mountain town of Whistler British Columbia, where they first met and began working together. Their first meeting was like something out of a story:


“2010, we met, I was cooking burgers at a baseball diamond. I used to go down to the slow-pitch and cook BBQ for people and then I’d play music” Dave Rollie explains. “He came past (Tim Livingstone) and I was playing this Ian Pooley kind of hip-hoppy song, and he was like ‘I love this song,’ and I was like ‘me too,’ and it was love at first sight.” – Excerpt from an interview with freqmagazine.com


Shortly after their first meeting, they started playing shows together and slowly but surely, their popularity spread. It was when they got invited to play at the 2013 Shamhbala Music Festival where they really fell into their stride. Being such a major festival, the two decided to go all out setting up a snow machine and donning retro neon ski gear. Their show was a huge hit and at the follow up show on Vancouver Island, a lot of the party goers arrived wearing retro ski gear, ready for an incredibly good time.


Skiitoour At Shambhala Music Festival

The Show That Started SkiiTour’s Trademark: Shambhala Music Festival 2013 – Image Credit: Xavier Photography

It’s All In The Name

Believe it or not, Tim and Dave weren’t the ones who came up with the name SkiiTour. They had originally been going by the group name Livingstone and Canosis. As they were seeing some success under this name they were a little hesitant to change it, although they new it was a bit lengthy for inebriated party goers to remember the next day. It was after a set they played at Bass Coast that friend and fellow DJ Timothy Wisdom made them stop the music so he could address the crowd. He then announced that their new name would be SkiiTour and the crowd loved it.

Under their new name, they have so far seen great success. Their first major release as SkiiTour was a collaboration with The Funk Hunters and was very well received by DJs and the public alike. Since then they have seen releases on labels such as Westwood Recordings, Good For You Records, and Fort Knox Recordings, to name a few.

They have become a staple in the West Coast music festival scene, obtaining residency at festivals such as Shambhala Music Festival, Bass Coast Festival and another of my personal favorites: Astral Harvest. Not only that but mountain resorts are quick to book them for that authentic après-ski party vibe.


Also Known For…

One of the greatest aspects of SkiiTour is that you can’t really pin them down to just one genre. This results in never knowing exactly what you’re gonna get at one of their shows. Although I can personally guarantee you will have fun. At festivals, depending on the time and location, you could hear a bangin’ set full of fun and heavy tunes, a funky fresh disco set a la Fractal Forest Funk Jam, or an early morning chill set.

Their versatility also shows in their releases as well. They occasionally drop chill mixes that are great to hit the slopes with. And their official and unofficial releases range from house to Hip-Hop and just about every other genre in between. The only consistency is quality. I may be a little biased because I’ve been going to their shows for a few years now, but it’s always good.


Skiitour Header

Check Out Their Website! Image From The SkiiTour Facebook Page

What’s In Store?

2017 is already turning out to be a busy year for Tim and Dave. They currently have a bunch of shows scheduled in North America and are confirmed to be playing at Astral Harvest , Boogaloo Art Car and Music Festival and Pixie Dust Festival. And I will eat my hat if they won’t be playing at Bass Coast and Shambhala!

Also, word on the chairlift is that they are working on a full length album aiming for release later on this year. I dunno about you but I can barely contain my excitement!


SkiiTour Blowing Bubbles

Image From The SkiiTour Facebook Page

Suit Up!

So if you’ve never been to one of their shows, and even if you have, grab your best friends, put on your brightest ski gear and hit the dancefloor! Just be ready for an experience you aren’t likely to forget anytime soon.

Ever seen SkiiTour live? I would love to hear your experiences! Drop a line in the comments section below!


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